Busy Signal – Secrets (24 hour Remix) Lyrics

Girl when wi a do the things
Your boyfriend don’t have to know
Your boyfriend don’t have to know
And my girlfriend don’t have to know

(Verse 1)
Don’t seh nothing
Mi naw seh nothing
So don’t seh nothing
If you gimmi
Mi naw seh nothing
When me give yuh
You don’t seh nothing
Seh nothing, one wink
Naw seh nothing
So wi meck the link
Just don’t seh nothing
Come a ready, ready, naw seh nothing
Moeto Mondays, don’t seh nothing
Yo done know straight seh me naw seh nothing
Nobody no haffi know seh a me have yo leg a open
Yo shift it to the side then yo bubble and yo bubble
And in out, in out, no time fi cuddle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal private affair
Secret keep it
Don’t tell nobody
Don’t leak it
Bend over meck mi thief it
Thief it, yeah hide and seek it
Gyal seh yo waan dweet why not
Done know a my style that
Treat it like private jet
But a me a fly that like a me a the f–king pilot
Then shi tell mi seh this is a secret
Tell mi seh this is a secret
And shi done know seh mi nah leek it
Da bwoy yah a go keep it
Tell mi seh this is a secret
Seh this is a secret

(Repeat Chorus)