Bugle – Educated Dunce Lyrics

Mi si seh yuh educated
But yuh a duns
All yuh care bout a yo dinner and lunch
A yuh create the problem, suh yuh a the problem

Mi just a hope seh yuh find ways fi solve them
Yuh educated but yuh a duns
All yuh care bout a yo dinner and lunch
A yuh create the monster, suh yuh a the monster
We have allot of question fi wi answer

(Verse 1)
Yes yuh need fi find yo self because yuh lost
Yo no realize seh cost of living
No yuh cyaa meck no living by wiping car glass
Suh dem a go find a way fi meck the money fast
Nah send no youth go rob, if mi do that mi mad
But don’t surprise when dem join yuh fi what yuh have
And don’t forger a yuh give dem the rifle and the mag
Come a pose like yuh a lion when yuh a crab in a bag
Mi did tell yuh bout mi pen weh powerful more than yo gun
And seet dem now a it mi used and buss yo ear drum
Beat yuh harder than a sledge cause mi words a cutting edge
Only the truth can set yuh free cause that’s how mi pledge

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No talk bout ghetto yo no know bout deh suh
All yuh do a gas wi up like Esso
The devil a boss yo, yes a me a class yo
Tell yo colleagues dem seh Bugle seh so
Mi no simple rasta a real bobo youth
Dem a tell lie but a wi talk the truth
Wi dem a try stifle…nah sit and idle
Gun dem a use but mi words dem a shoot

(Repeat Chorus 2X)


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