Assassin – Don’t Violate Lyrics

Yuh a hear mi
Defend our thing, our people
Our link dem, our spry
Mi seh board house, fire house
Hear mi no Down Kert, Kentire
Hey yow

Try no violate none a mi associates

Or try say anything inappropriate

Wi naw go talk or negotiate

Rise the ting dem from mi soldiery gate

And if a bwoy try diss none a mi cred dem

No care a who dem, flush dem like the bobo dem

Wi a go sew dem

Go through dem, take it an go chew dead

No try diss none a mi Kentire ni–a dem

Down Kert deh deh deh

Dem calm no laugh caw wi no soft like the pillow dem

Dem shooting sharp, Marcia Gregory Miller dem

No meck wi rise up surprise again

No try dis none a mi spary, Bones or Mary

Scarcha RG co yo go sorry

Dis board house everything a role out

Flippa tell dem don’t try war wi

Inna foreign don’t dis a yardy wi no fear nobody

Yo coulda have a million bounce a guardy

Arm security guard wid all dogy

Me alone, me alone morgue hi

Try no dis no man inna the link, plus the dan inna the link

Nor the fourth or the third or second inna the link

No dis dem yah youth yah dem woman inna the link

Yo play the war boat yo gonna sink

And try don’t violate none a mi alyse

Trust mi it no nice, mi si man a meck a bag a noise

A go do that an the thing dem a go rise

You meet yo demise, yo get a 3 piece without prize

Yo cyaa dis none a mi colleagues

Member seh yo cyaa dis no man inna the crew

Member seh yo cyaa dis none a mi appellates

Because none a my link dem no weak

(Repeat Verse)