Laden – Troubled By The Devil Lyrics

The sky is not clear for me
Ma mamma seh she’s praying for me
A think am troubled by the devil

Is there a place for me
Around there is not safe for me
A think am troubled by the devil

(Verse 1)
Dark clouds cover the moon
Salt mi salt like I maroon
Is like mi cyaa buss
Iron balloon
Fight mi a fight like Nanny and the Maroon
The system a get mi head hot
Summer time in a June
Badmind and the hypocrite dem waan mi laydown in a tomb
Right now mi life stay away
Running from the devil and him still naw stay away

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Jah mi seh but the devil waan mi grace
Desert eagle weh the devil waan mi burst
Pagans a try draw mi out
Mi tell dem calm the nerves
Hope yuh a listen all the words
In a the chorus and the verse
Mama seh prayer works
Mi need fi find a church

(Repeat Chorus)