Demarco – Allergic To Badmind Friend Lyrics

From yo si dem eye get red
A si dem waan si yo pon yo death bed
Dem fire copper and it miss
So the bwoy dem waan yo get led
Hear weh mi seh

Seh mi allergic to badmind friend
So mi burn dem out like the grabber and blem
Dem only si yo when dem in a problem

And weh hurt mi the most
You and dem stand up in a dance and a toast
Turn round waan meck yo duppy
Waan meck yo boast
Fi come sit down pon corner a boast
Dem come like puppy nose

(Verse 1)
Mi never pree yours so why you a pree mine
Dutty heart people waan fi si mi heart resign
Look weh dem do Kartel
Him never did a pree time
Dem waan fi si progress stop like a street sign
But a no every friend bad
Real friend meck yo build pon weh yo have
Dem no deh round yo fi a pinch and a grab
Friendship mean more to dem than the money bag

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Alright the bwoy seh him a mi brother
Mi drop a one spade the bwoy a look mi baby mother
People listen meck mi tell you weh mi gather
Badmind friend stinker than a redoring grabber
Wolf in a Sheep clothe think seh dem smart
Drink a dozen jelly wash off yo dirty heart
A so mi know dem a no, no friend from start
So like the red sea so this yah friendship yah part

(Repeat Chorus)