Shawn Storm – Combination Style Lyrics

Striker one a go murder dem
Kill off one third a dem
Seh dem bad mi never herd a dem
F–king informer all him do him wocknaz him words again
When him shouldn’t dis Rickey, Sniper, mad, sick
Mentally disturb again
Brain fly weh like a bird again
Mi seh the real gun powder fi settle all mi nerves again
Or gimmi the chalice fi the herbs again

(Verse 1)
You don’t waan be the one in front the shot gun
That gun meck yo face drop down
And look zaggy, like a baggy, wid the waist pop down
The black gun give him a black tongue
Him friend si the act and start pis inna him pants
And wish a did chris inna him pants
The six pants no response
Striker walk the distance
Shot level dem inna a instant

Mi have the pumpy meck yo face bumpy
Meck yo chest look lumpy, lumpy
And wi just get a bulk a shot
Inna him head back shot spread out like pulcadot
Wid bombs and rounds, and nine combine
Start war from sun down, straight to sun shine
Rip up him family line by line
Shoot up him family askel

War start the pu**y dem a ball fi peace
Any peace a must when dem a rest in peace
Wi have the biggest set a gun dem in the west indies
Chigger finger pon the chigger and wi ready fi squeeze
Bla inna yo face when mi gun start sneeze
Bwoy deh pon him knees and him a talk bout please
But that too late him get 3 inna face
Body dump a waste

(Verse 2)
Rickey have six big shooter weh buss 7 shot
8, 38, 5 brown, 3 black
Nine bag a nine fi start a bag a crime
Ten mck 10 without safety latch
Yow the mck 11 knock 11
War head pon the endz it haffi lock
The mck 12 meck bwoy sing like one 12
Glock 13 mi use shoot wi number
And yo si the 14 shooter
Mi use kill dem 14 youth yah
Gun a no supn fi model, but a supn fi pose wid
Not under clothe wid
Gun inna hand anytime yo buck yo foes wid
Hollow point put a hole inna him nose

When wi a kill bwoy whole heap a taticks
Two matic 3 ratchet inna back pocket
Bomb inna yo head mi a clop it
Badness wi act it no chat it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)