Chris Brown Ordered Back To Rehab For Three Months

Chris Brown escaped jail but will be spending three months in rehab.

The “Fine China” singer appeared in court today for a probation hearing regarding his 2009 Rihanna assault case.

NEWS: Chris Brown Rehab Stint Ended Violently, Could Go Jail

Earlier today reports surfaced claiming that Chris Brown went into a violate outburst while in rehab earlier this month, prompting the facility to asked him to leave after just two weeks.

The LA County Probation Department recommended that goes back to rehab and this time serve the full 90 days.

Chris Brown lawyer Mark Geragos accepted the request. The judge ordered the singer back to rehab and requested that he takes the medications they prescribed for him.

“We ask that the court adopt the recommendations,” Geragos said.

Breezy may not be off the hook yet because the Los Angeles D.A. also requested a full report of his recent assault case in Washington D.C. after which there will be another probation violation hearing.