Trindad James Rant Atlanta Rappers Run New York, He Is Unapologetic

Trinidad James managed to get out of New York safely on Tuesday night after making some scathing remarks about rappers in the Big Apple.

While performing at The Converse Rubber Tracks show, Trinidad James launched into a tirade bashing New York rap saying Atlanta rappers run New York.

The crowd went silent in dismay and then news hit Twitter and the rest was history. Despite getting bashed from all corners of hip-hop, the “All Gold Everything” rapper is unapologetic.

“When you say real sh-t people call it a melt down. That’s fine. The truth will set you free…#CrazyDeacon” Trinidad James said on Twitter.

During a recent interview with xxlmag, Trinidad James seek to further clarify his remarks.

“I went back and looked back at what I said out my mouth,” James said during the interview. “I said, ‘Atlanta runs New York musically.’ That’s what I said, word for word. But before I said that, I was talking about the times when us in Atlanta was driving to New York to get the Dipset mixtapes, because New York music was New York music. It was a New York sound.

“It’s no way humanly possible that Atlanta could ever run New York,” James continued. “Like I said, this was my first show where I was incorporating my new style of show – we don’t say everything perfectly. I know what I meant and somebody knows me knows what I meant, but somebody who doesn’t know me – and you already have so much animosity toward me because of who I am – is gonna take it some sort of way, so I get it. I’m still not apologizing for anything, but I get why you could be upset.”