Shawn Storm – Mi Nuh Fraid Lyrics

Baby you pretty like one a the American idol
You can be one a my gyal
Plus yo cute like Tia tuff Carno
An yo meck the wave dem a rise like tidal
Anytime yo dance mi waan fi touch yo
So buss a bad wine gyal
Wah mi a go seh my sound suicidal
But it is final

Hey mi no fraid fi tell yo seh mi love yo
So baby wine an go down now
An yo cyaa come a mi yard anytime
Yo can come a mi yard anytime, an meck wi rubadove so

Mi no fraid fi tell yo seh mi love yo
Mi no fraid fi tell yo seh mi love yo
Man a thug an the way yo hold mi tight
Meck mi haffi tell yo seh mi love yo

(Verse 1)
Hey shi have money already so shi naw spend mine
Only thing shi waan mi do a spend time, time
So mi plant a sead inna the middle a are front yard
Cause she’s so divine
Shi clean the floor till it shine
A so mi know she’s actually mine
An mi mother tell mi seh shi si something inna are
An she’s actually blind

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hey a nuff girl wann take are space
Some a dem waan reck are face
An shi a the number one girl inna my life so dem haffi hold second place
Worst when shi hug mi
Mi no care if people seh shi ugly
Trust mi inna mi ears shi whisper these words a seh Shawn if you love mi

(Repeat Chorus)