Chan Dizzy – Standard Lyrics

Yeh well done
A the gyal dem wi deh
Spiggy a the gyal dem wi seh
You know why

A nough bwoy have them money but cyan go a sea
Mi straight from mi born mi thank God a no me
Nough time wi no chad pon loose avenue
So no bwoy cyan take off mi fruit of the loom

Hey yard man wi no stray dem way deh
Man a sword fight wi no play dem game deh
A no so mi grow mi never raze dem way deh
And none a my friends dem no play dem way deh
Ghetto youth dem seh bad man no straight
Every thug well straight from the land of Mobay
Up town no waan see you from a man pon yo brain
Yard man set the order wi standard no change

(Verse 1)
Father bless yeh, wi the father bless
Ina dem last days yah crazy man a get
Confuse fi da laza walla in a barga mess
If a so fi get the riches mi Haffi switch mi rather dead
Yeh some bwoy have pretty car eye
True dem love likes dem go switch mi naw lie
But dem type a life style deh Dizzy naw try
A the gyal dem alone to mi body

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Big up every yardy wah bullet in a foreign
Bag a dutty levity dem supn deh mi not in
Pagan mi no listen when dem duppy deh bi chatting
And straight a same so mi a go in a mi coffin
No bwoy cayn stray mi mi prefer gwaan hustle
Mi naw ever sell out fi meck mi pot bubble
Cyan trick mi wid no house you could a promise mi a doesen
Mi rather gwaan chad it in a mi struggle
Yo know why

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro – From the line a nough bwoy)