I-Octane & Bounty Killer – Double Trouble Lyrics

Then Markus, bwoy a gwaan like stunt double
Seems like him love trouble
Yow mi tell dem no trouble, trouble
Because Killer an Octane a double trouble

Punk, trouble no, trouble no, trouble no
Yo shouldn’t trouble wi

Trouble no, trouble no, trouble
Tell yo seh no trouble wi

Trouble no, trouble no, trouble no
Yuh no fi trouble wi

Trouble no, trouble no, trouble no
Nobody no trouble wi

(Verse 1)
Octane the last bwoy weh trouble wi
Situation ugly
Bwoy start bwal suddenly
Like sha gi him a talk bout it wasn’t mi

Yeh yuh a go meet luck size time
Lace up the Reebok
Who fool dem bout dem a team up
Yuh wi get a 6 pack inna yo belly
Like yuh just do a 100 sit up’s

Yuh a caw paw wi name like regles
Mi a go teach yo how fi low people business

A matter a fact mi no business
Cause yuh a watch man like Nickelodeon business

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi no join the whole heap a talking
And di whole heap a laughing
Bwoy chip up, mi tell yo need whole heap a aspirin
Wi head sick an a no whole heap a coughing
Bwoy trouble wi a see dead cost him
Markus it cost him every sword
Everywhere him rome
Every endz, everywhere him clone
every links everywhere him lone
Every text an everywhere him phone

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro 2X)

(Repeat Chorus)