Cecile – Read No Book Lyrics

Him vex cause him girl start pree
Start pree
Shi seh now shi will be thinking like him

So now him a fret and a worry
Shi found some truth to the story
BUt if you treat are right you wouldn’t have to be

If you treat you woman good
She won’t need to read no book
Won’t be thinking like no man
Say no lady should have to
All I want is real
Tired a the lies and the cards weh yo deal
All mi want is real

(Verse 1)
Seh yo waan good girl, good girl deh yah
You waan perfection but you giving whatever
How yo gone say that
How you fi say that
No wi don’t play that
We don’t play that
Tell a girl how it really is a that wi prefer
Am I the only one are you just want another
A your life fi choose weh yo waan
Mi respect that
But you cyaa get more than what you giving
You hear that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Tell mi wa yo waan
Tell mi wa yo like
Yo no waan no settle down thing
That’s alright
To me I wanna know, it my choice
If I stay or go
Don’t let a good girl go bad on you
Don’t let a good girl find you out
But if you want her best then play your part
Be real like from the start

(Repeat Chorus)

Big up all the man dem weh a try fi keep it real
No haffi worry bout yo girl cause shi know whats the deal
Shi understand yo so no book shi haffi read
And you have it lock so you no haffi pree
And big up the man dem weh a try move clean
Weh yo seh good man deserve a good queen
Who give weh sh– get
And waan back weh shi give
Every man better listen kindly

(Repeat Chorus)