Popcaan – Keep Hustling Lyrics

Yow Not Nice
Nuff a dem waan si mi fail
Waan si mi reach inna jail
Tell mi how my mother a go feel
When shi si are son behind rail

And shi know shi no get the house
Mi daughter no get the Land
Further more mi a walk from birth so right now mi need waan van

Mi keep hustling, night an day
Am working hard so a must get pay
Never stop hustling, fi my mommy
Hold mi medz daily, an mi never stray

(Verse 1)
Mi seet clear dem a try fi set mi up
Waan police man use strap wet mi up
Carry mi name a the station loud an clear
Vex true teacher meck mi get the buss without fear
Mi usto take the buss
None a dem yet never try fi meck mi up
Si mi a hustle fi mi things an a try take mine
Tell me why black man so envious
Mi naw give up cause dem soon give up
When dem si all one dozen house build up
An mi dogs dem bark if a man try walk
Dem done know seh everything build up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So if a bag juice fi sell, mi sell that
If a old iron fi weld, wi weld that
Family haffi get whole a bread
Mi cyaa afford fi mi mother eat the bread back
Have mi thing fi protect my head back
Money haffi meck every youth mi a tell that
Naw meck Babylon capture mi mind
An next thing mi end up down a cell black

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus till fade)