Busy Signal – If them Think Them Bad Lyrics

If  Them think them bad
Shub out pon the road, or the lane, or the endz weh mi chad

If them think Them bad
Rise the zigzag boy crawl side way like a crab

If Them think Them bad
Nuff seh dem a dan an still no know bout Baghdad
If them think them bad
If them think them bad

(Verse 1)

If the ever dis on it mi rise up all the rifle them
Them chasing like the catty them
Dub tape meck wi stifle them
Mi gun them get miserable like when girls having them cycle them
Tall up like the Ifle an dem cyaa take my war title them
The super glock a gi dem a super clop
Mi cold wid it, roll through the traffic fast a super cop mi stroll wid it
Eagle left them stink give them a flock a John Crow wid it
Blood a flow wid it, thing them loud, wi clapping proud

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

Hey bwoy run out an a run off mouth
So give them something fi talk bout
The thing them well carve out
The mongrels ready fi bark out
Dark out when the thugs from all bout a go all out
Violate them violate, that’s why wi fall out
Wi no gi bwoy first chance of opportunity
So wi clap them from them start move fish-ty
Them know wi badder than 9 adams, bout 45 bigga ford, 16 Trinity

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)