Wiz Khalifa In Alleged Hit And Run, Classic Chevy Destroyed

Wiz Khalifa’s alleged fender bender left his 1969 classic Chevy Chevelle smashed in at the front.

According to TMZ, the LAPD has launched an investigating into the accident after a woman filed a complain claiming that the West Coast rapper hit her car and fled the scene after shooting a music video.

This is what TMZ said.

“sources say Wiz actually hit 2 cars … including a Lexus, which sustained serious damage to the front end.”

“One source who was at the scene tells us the Chevy was leaving the video shoot when the driver punched the gas and lost control … slamming into the Lexus, which caromed into another car.”

The blue Chevy shown in the photo look undrivable. Wiz has yet to comment on the allegations.