Cham Talks Career, Working With Dave Kelly & His Wife O

Cham, more popularly known as Baby Cham, is currently enjoying a resurgence on the dancehall scene.

For a large part of the last decade, Cham was mostly missing in action in Jamaica, but has manages to keep touring overseas. But his return was imminent and this time he is not alone, he has the company of his wife Ophelia, stage name O.

A slew a recent hits including Back Way, Wine and Tun Up, reminds us of the caliber of artist Cham is.

In a recent interview with the Observer, Cham, born Damian Beckett, opens up about his return, his popularity, making music with longtime producer friend Dave Kelly, and his wife O.

“The truth is people love Cham,” Cham said. “I think it comes down to the quality and timelessness of my music and how I present myself on stage. Then there are ladies,” he adds, bursting into laughter.”

“Dave Kelly and I have a chemistry… it’s just the right connection,” Cham said of the producer. “He’s like a chess player. If we sit in the studio and come up with 10 songs, he will be able to make that right move and pick the hit track — it was his idea to put O on Wine, and we all can see what has happened with that.”

Cham also spoke about the changes in dancehall over the years and adapting to these changes.

“The business is changing. It’s different than when I started nearly 20 years ago. So Team Cham has to do the homework and find ways to capitalise on the changes in the market, because no matter how much change takes place, there are ways to survive.”

The Sherlock Crescent deejay says he is working on a breakthrough single for his wife O, that he hopes will be released in the coming months.

“Tun Up is really her track, but I’m in it to provide some support. So what we are working on is a single that is all hers.”