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Chris Brown Does First Interview Since The Start Of 2012 [Video]

Chris Brown does his first interview since the start of 2012 and everyone is tuning. The R&B singer announced earlier this year that he will not be doing any interviews this year.

Although it was brief, it was refreshing to see Breezy answering a few questions from Ron English, during the unveiling of his “Dum English” Toy Line last month.

Chris Brown revealed that he starting singing when he was just 11 years old.

“I started when I was about 11, singing, and then I just kept going at it and then I told my mom that I just wanted to be focused on that [and] just pursue that for the most part. I just kept going at it from balancing my school work to going to the studio at night [til] 3 [am] in the morning, with adults.”

Brown also opens up about his progression as an artist and directed music videos.

“My progression is to basically to be on the director’s side and try to be behind the camera and creating a different world for people to see and be inspired. Like how I was as a kid, watching Michael Jackson, Freddie Starr and even Indiana Jones, certain movies that really grab your [attention] as a kid.”

Watch some footage from the interview below.