Ray J Speaks Out On Whitney Houston’s Death, “It’s just such a tough time for me”

Whitney Houston former lover Ray J has broken his silence on her untimely death. during the Brotherhood Crusade/Mothers in Action press conference Friday, Ray J told reporters that he’s “still hurting” from Houston’s death last month in a Los Angeles hotel.

“It’s just such a tough time for me. I’ve been through a lot in these past few weeks,” Ray J said. “I’m able to look at life in a whole different way. I always look at my phone because I got a picture of somebody I really love and it helps me through the day.”

“I’m really emotional right now and I really don’t know what to say,” Ray J told reporters. “But I will say I love and hurt. I enjoy being around people that support me and give me a sense of peace. That’s what these kids mean to me and what the Brotherhood Crusade does for me.”

“The most important thing of all is that God is talking to me. God is talking to me right now, and now is the time to listen. My ears are open.”

Ray J was at the charitable event lending a helping hand, where he donated school supplies including Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones, clothes, backpacks and notebooks.

“I’m here to spend time with them, laugh with them and make sure they have everything the need to move on in a positive way with their education in life,” he explained.