Cat Fight, Tifa and Timberlee Beefing

Former members of TNT, Tifa and Timberlee, are at odds again. Last week news surfaced online alleging that the two were involved in a fight over the holidays. Sources close to both artistes camp confirmed the fight with Urban Islandz.

“Unfortunately the rumors are true,” the source said. “I don’t know why the females in the industry can’t get along, we are already the minority so we should unite.”

Last year Natalie Storm, a former member of the TNT group, confirmed in an interview that tensions were high between the two, but she is staying clear of the drama.

“It’s the two musketeers now…I try to keep out of it because I still talk to both girls…there’s no more TNT…we’re all off doing our own individual things,” she said.


“I try to keep myself out of all of that drama…dem seh c**kroach nuh business inna fowl fight and that’s how I look at it.”

The TNT girls broke on the scenes in 2008 with their debut collaborative album TNT: Three The Hard Way. Since then the three have been busy working on their solo careers.