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Beyonce Sat Down With Katie Couric Of 20/20 [Video]

Music icon Beyonce recently sat down with Katie Couric on ABC’s 20/20 for an interview, where she discussed rumors surrounding her pregnancy, her career, among other topics.

Couric also got the privilage to touch her stomach. See some excerpts from the interview below.

On the Rumors Surrounding her Baby Bump
“There are certain things that are so far [out] that it doesn’t even upset you. My mother, she’s like, ‘Nobody’s talking about my grandbaby! My grandbaby’s not even here yet!’ I’m like, ‘Calm down, mom. It’s okay. It’s really silly.’ ‘I don’t like it!’ So my mom is really protective and so is my sister, but I’m cool. It’s so ridiculous and over the top.”

On if she’ll be taking time off and crazy Pregnancy Cravings
I’ll be taking time off and getting in shape. I’m not looking forward to that because I’ve been having a good time. I read that I like ketchup on everything. I was on a plane and the flight attendant came and was like, ‘I have your hot sauce and pickles and bananas.’ I’m like, ‘That is disgusting! What are you doing?’ And he’s like, ‘I read it on the internet!’”

On Her Baby Announcement
“News that’s that big, it’s hard to hide and keep to yourself. I felt so liberated and I felt *sigh* I can breathe and be happy. You know, it was a beautiful feeling. I went straight off the stage and just cried. I hugged my mom, I hugged Jay and just cried.”

On Jay-Z’s Feelings About Being a Dad
“You can only imagine — and then multiply that. It’s like the time can’t come fast enough. I’m still anxious. I want to hold the baby.”

On The Best Part of Being Pregnant
“The best thing is knowing that my favorite person in the world, I haven’t met them yet. And hopefully I’m gonna pass on what generations of my family has passed on to me. It’s exciting.”