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Chris Brown Falls On Stage, Reward Fan For Returning Rolex [Video]

Chris Brown is continuing his image rehab by doing good and being positive. The R&B crooner an honest fan for returning his $22,000 Rolex watch after loosing it at the MTV Video Music Awards.

According to TMZ, Brown gave the fan, name Alisha, two front row tickets to his concert at the Riverbend Music Centre in her hometown of Cincinnati. Alisha also met with Brown backstage where he personally thanked her.

Chris Brown take a tumble during his concert on Sunday (25 Sep11) in Indianapolis.

The singer was walking down an angled platform on stage while performing his dance track Beautiful People when he lost his footing and landed on his butt.

Addressing the crowd, he said, “I know y’all see me bust my a** (sic)! It’s because I love y’all!”

Watch video of the performance and fall below.