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Kreayshawn Previews New Track “Keep It Craccin” With Snoop Dogg & V-Nasty [Video]

Kreayshawn preview her new collaboration with Snoop Dogg and V-Nasty in a chat session with fans.

The West Coast rappers came together after Snoop reached out to her on Twitter back in May. The two came together to create a track called “Keep It Craccin” and add Kreayshawn group member V-Nasty to it. The track will be on the “Gucci Gucci” rapper debut album due this fall.

“Oh no it’s big Kreayshawn, the ringleader, wife beater of the White Girl Mob,” raps the “Gucci Gucci” hitmaker. “Oh my God, where did she come from?/ A little firecracker with the swag of a stun gun.”

Get a peep at the track below.