Chedda Distancing Self From J.O.P. Camp, “I am not a member of J.O.P

Dancehall star Chedda is distancing himself from Aidonia’s J.O.P. following the assault or radio disc jockey ZJ Wah Wa.

According to Chedda, since the incident he has been subject to harsh criticism from fans for his assumed alignment to the group.

In a statement release to the media, Chedda said although there is mutial respect between himself and the group, he is not a member.

“I am not a member of J.O.P, though I have a mutual respect for them. I am my own individual artiste and have been operating in that context since officially signing with my label Darkcide International. It’s very unfortunate what occurred and hope that there can be an amicable resolve to the matter.”


“Violence is something that should never be condoned in any form and so I implore my fellow coworkers and the general public to explore other avenues to resolve their disputes.”

ZJ Wah Wa is still nursing injuries following an attacked last month by men he said are align to J.O.P