Tarrus Riley Wins Marcus Garvey Award

Reggae crooner Tarrus Riley was recognised with the Marcus Garvey Award for maintaining the vision way of Marcus Garvey through his music.

Riley was honored at the annual UNIA Marcus Garvey Awards ceremony on the lawns of Devon House last week Wednesday night.

“Tonight we recognised a young man who continue the tradition of teaching and inspiring through music in the way of Garvey, keeping hope alive,” singer Tommy Cowan announced

Riley, who is no stranger to awards for his iconic vocals, said he is moved by the Garvey Award.

“We win a lot of awards, but this is the Award. Marcus Garvey, fi real. In my opinion, The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey is the best book ever written by any man. Mi bias with that, but it’s my favourite book. Mi waan to thank Marcus Garvey for his teachings, because if not (for it) I would be lost in a world of confusion. This is the Award, Marcus Garvey live forever. Thank you,” Riley said in his acceptance speech.

Riley also performed his recent single Shaka Zulu Pickney.