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Rihanna Says She Likes A Guy To Be Dominant In The Bedroom [Photo]

Rihanna discusses her type of guys, women dominating music and hating drama in her new spread in Glamour Mazagine.

“I play a very dominant role in my life, in every aspect of it. And I like to feel like a lady still, at some point. I feel like that’s the time when a guy really gets to be a man, and I get to be a woman. And if I’m being a man in the bedroom too, there’s nothing really in it for me.”

Rihanna says she agreed that females are dominating music at present and attribute it to the competitiveness of the specie.

“There’s a pack. It’s me, Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyoncé…who else? Ke$ha, for sure. Women are definitely dominating music right now, and that’s because we are competitive beings. I feel like music hasn’t been this exciting in a while.”

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