Wayne South Breaks Silence On T.O.K Video Issue

Music video director Wayne South has stepped forward to address allegations by members of T.O.K that he is a con artist.

According to South, he is not a con man and shortly after the videoshoot he was going through a very rough period.

South disclosed that he had heart problems and was to be admitted to the Medical Associates Hospital but resisted because of his determination not to pass up opportunities to make a name for himself.

“It was a Sunday an’ I was on my way to a shoot for Bugle and Tarrus Riley and was feeling very winded so I had to go to hospital as I was starting to feel bad. The doctors there wanted to admit mi and as the doctor a seh that Bugle call mi same time an’ a seh Tarrus ready. It was like one of the biggest opportunity for me so I left the hospital with the admittance letter and still went to the shoot. I showed Bugle the letter when I got onset where mi did haffi a tek it easy same way.”

South said although he was sick, he still made an effort to shoot videos for his clients.

“I was actually making a sacrifice to shoot for these big people by working when I was sick. I don’t consider myself a con man. I consider myself a hard-working man that abide by the law of the land. Mi have children to take care of and I learnt to work hard for what I want from my mada and father,” he said

South said that he made contact with the group’s road manager before they went on tour and they were aware of his condition but still insisted that he work to finish the video.

Peep T.O.K unofficial video for Eagle Buss below.