Lil Kim Takes Beef With Nicki Minaj To Twitter

Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim send off a series of angry Tweets at Nicki Minaj shortly after an alleged comment made by the Young Money rapstress.

Moments after the death of Osama Bin Laden was announced, fans started retweening an alleged Nicki Minaj Tweet stating “Lil’ Kim U Next.”

The tweet, which does not currently appear in Nicki’s timeline, has been disputed and its authenticity cannot be confirmed. However, Lil’ Kim blast off a series of angry Tweets towards her nemesis.

“What kind of coward, lame azz b*tch tweets some sh*t and then deletes it. Real B*tches stand by what they say BOZO”

“You cheap stocking cap glued $10 bag hair wearing b*tch!!!! Get a lacefront!!! FYI Indian hair don’t come in green B*TCH!”

“You free lunch eating B*TCH….What!!!”

“B*tch I see you crawling!!! I got my can of RAID. Come get it!!! #TwitterRoach” (Lil’ Kim Twitter)

Do you think the Tweet came from Nicki Minaj account, or a fan skin clone it and send out?