Steve Harvey Gets Gag Order Against Ex-Wife

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Comedy king Steve Harvey won an injunction against his disgruntled ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey. A Texas judge granted Harvey a gag order that will restrain his ex-wife from publicly putting him on blast.

According to reports by TMZ, the injunction will prevent Mary Harvey from publicly embarrassing the comedian, including on Youtube, Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.

Last month some videos surfaced online of an obviously bitter Mary Lee Harvey calling out her ex-husband over their failed marriage, accusing the comedian of leaving her homeless, turning their son against her as well as stealing her money.

According to release court documents Mary Lee received three houses as part of their divorce settlement and rather than taking her money, Steve is paying her $40k a month.

The gag order will have to be upheld until the Harvey’s next hearing, which has been scheduled for the 10th March.