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Damian Marley And Nas “Distant Relatives” Documentary Part III [Video]

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The final part of “Distant Relatives” film series by Hiphopdx, features Junior Gong and Nas in Trench Town, the birth place of reggae music.

“Trenchtown Rock is the day of the video shoot. Kassa and his crew were in full effect by the time I got there. To shoot with Nas in Trenchtown is a special thing. We got a tour of the house where Bob learned to play guitar, the kitchen where Ziggy was conceived – barely as big as a closet. And then there was the faces and people, such a strong spirit. It is really no shock in the end that so many incredible musicians came from Trenchtown.”

Credits to Hiphopdx for highlighting a key aspect Jamaican culture, reggae music, and where it all began.

Makes me proud to be a Jamaican.

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