Tips: 9 Christmas Gifts Not to Give A Co-worker

Christmas is a mere two weeks away and now is the time everyone is looking for gifts ideas for their co-workers and associates. Giving a co-worker a gift is good, but there are certain type of gifts that can either be a turn off or a nuisance.

Below we give you our top nine gifts ideas not to give to a co-worker.

1. Perfume or Cologne

Smelly things are the most subjective thing you could pick out for someone. Some people are super sensitive to fragrances and some people are even allergic to certain scents. Unless you know it’s something that the person already wears or has expressed interest in, just avoid this as a gift altogether.

2. Desk Toys

Sure that little zen garden with sand and stones and a rake looks cute but in reality it’s going to be one of those things your co-worker just can’t get rid of that’s cluttering their desk. It’s not high school, leave the game behind for something more useful.

3. DVDs/CDs

You know what giving CDs or DVDs to your co-workers says? “This is sh*t I didn’t want so I’m giving it to you.” Sorry, folks it’s the truth. Plus who buys CDs and DVDs anymore with Netflix and iTunes?

4. Planner/Calendar

In case you forgot, we all have Outlook, iCal, iPhones, Palms and BlackBerry phones. Calendars are obsolete and one of the worst presents ever.

5. Leftover Swag

Can you say cheap? Don’t ever give some branded merchandise as a gift without looking like a fool.

6. Food Gifts

Everyone likes to eat right? Sure, but remember some people may have allergies, be vegetarian or vegan. Food is a tricky gift to give these days when everyone has their own dietary path they choose. For example, if someone is vegan then the box of chocolates you decided to give everyone is something that your vegan co-worker can’t enjoy. Try a gift certificate to a gourmet grocery instead.

7. Self-Help Books

No one wants to be told they “need help.” It’s just plain rude.

8. Anything Sexual

Do we even have to go here? You should never give another person in the workplace a sexual gift.

9. Office Supplies

Bor-ing! Office supplies should be provided for free at your job anyway. Think out of the box!

Now you add your 10th one to the list.

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