Biography: J Boog

J Boog’s debut album “Hear Me Roar” shows his ability to show a multi-genre style that will captivate audiences the world! His eclectic mix of reggae, R & B and Hip-Hop fused with “Polynesian Soul” and “Street flicker” finds its way into the hearts (and ears) for the most discerning listener and music enthusiast! The fact that J Boog pours his soul into every lyric of his music is evident … His lyrical style is superb and will certainly change the role of Polynesian artists in mainstream music! With the exception of Marlon Asher’s “Ganja Farmer” all of the songs on the album are original works, which shows J Boog creative skills and ability to write with such a wide range of versatbilitet … from powerful rhythmic masterpiece of soft melodic ballads, the legendarya George “Fiji” Veikoso also lends his creative skills to the album with his vocal efforts and to manage the producing and arranging for music more lyric and vocal arrangement offers from Donald Malepeai Moses ‘Sanga’ Makaafi Ernest “Goof” Saffings “Zen” and Isaac “Cause” Pua help to stop incredibly diverse sound of this album there is so much excitement and anticipation for the release of “Hear Me Roar” … by J Boog sets out to be “a strong voice in the Polynesian people through music and positivity”

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