Nicki Minaj Talks Obsession With Jay-Z, Collaborating With 50 Cent [Video]

Nicki Minaj talks of how she once use to idolize Jay-Z in an interview with MTV.

MTV News’ Sway for caught up with Nicki Minaj for RapFix Live and the Young Money femcee recalled her obsession with Jay-Z when she was just a kid.

“I remember in junior high school and high school, me and my best friend, we were so obsessed with Jay,” Minaj said, before adding that one of her friends hasn’t changed much. “I have a friend … I was like, ‘Do you realize you cannot have a conversation without quoting Jay Z?’ ”

After appearing on “Monster ” alongside Jay-Z, Minaj witnessed a dream come true, one she never thought would happen. “I remember our dream was just to meet Jay. I remember she would tell me, ‘He’ll work with you one day,’ and I was like, ‘No he won’t, Viola, no he won’t.’ ”

“I kept thinking that all the people in the game at that time when I was little was gonna be out of the game by the time, if I did get into the game,” she continued. “I remember I used to be like, ‘Dag, I’ll never get to work with this one, I’ll never get to work with that one,’ and just to know that Jay is even saying something or knows me is crazy.”

Minaj was recently asked by DJ Envy if a collaboration with fellow Queens native 50 Cent was in her future. “Our paths never crossed, and it’s weird, I did meet [Lloyd] Banks, like, once or twice before,” Nicki said. When pressed if she had something up her sleeve, she didn’t bite. “If there is a big surprise, I’m not gonna tell you, Envy, I know everybody will know by the time I say it. You gonna tweet it and stuff. It’s gonna be on the radio. I mean, why would I tell you that?”