Konshens On Attempted Robbery, “Mi nuh get dead”

Since last weekend several rumors has been circulating that dancehall heavy weight Konshens was robbed, killed, cut up and the list goes on.

But the gritty Realest Medz deejay put all those rumors to rest in a resent interview with Jamaican journalists.

The incident happened while Konshens was in Texas for a show last weekend. The “Winner” Deejay said after the show he went back at his hotel, but later left to go on the road when the incident happened.

“Wi deh pon di road and is like two likkle man see wi and decide fi try rob wi but dem did just a talk tough and we talk back tough to dem and one a dem back out a knife. In less than five minutes everything was done. When wi reach far wi hear a shot buss. Mi nuh get dead, mi nuh get cut up, mi nuh dead.” (The Star)

Konshens recently drops a video for his Talk Bout Me/Realest Medz medley and has been busy recording new material.

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