VP Records To Release 3 Disc Dennis Brown Box Set

Record label VP is set to release a 3 Disc compilation of Reggae legend Dennis Brown music on November 16.

The compilation will see 47 of Dennis Brown greatest work on the Reggae music landscape. There will also be a bonus DVD that features the reggae singer live in some concert.

“The legend of Dennis Brown lives on as a three-disc compilation of his hit singles, The Crown Prince of Reggae – Singles (1972-1985), will be reissued by 17 North Parade, a VP Records imprint, on November 16. This collection of Dennis Brown hits promises to give Brown buffs a broader view of the legend than any previous compilations of his work. The collection featuring anthems such as Revolution and Promised Land to lesser-known works like Satisfaction Feeling and the gritty musical ultimatum Praise Without Raise.” (Jamaica Observer)

Dennis Brown prematurely passed away in 1997 at the age of 42. His death left a huge void in Reggae music similar to the void that Bob Marley’s passing left in 1980. Brown earned himself the title of crown prince of Reggae with a vocal that only rivals Jimmy Cliff.