It Happens In Dancehall… Deejays Start Wearing Purse… Image & Video Inside

Who would have ever thought this would ever happen in dancehall culture.

Popular dancehall deejay Deva Bratt wears a Gucci purse in his latest video called “Paper Chase.” This has stirred up much controversy among dancehall fans.

Urban Islandz ask fans on twitter and facebook if it is in fact a purse and what they think about it and these are some of the replies.

“It does look like waan purse mi girl have. Dancehall music gone to the dogs from deejays start wearing purse.” (facebook)

“Dem nowadays deejay yah a f*ck up dancehall, a bleach face and all a wear pink cloth and purse.” (twitter)

“Any deejay weh go a Portmore Empire seems like dem turn fish cuz dat look like a handbag to me, mi no know a wha dat him a wear.” (facebook)

“Deva Bratt need fi clarify a wah dat cuz it look like a purse to me, but mi can’t seh nutten til Deva talk so Urban Islandz unnu need fi get a hold a Deva and ask him a what dat him a wear.” (facebook)

“Look like purse to mi. Right now a pure hypocrite inna dancehall, everyday dem bun out gays and look dem a wear pink and a wear purse and some tight pants dem call straight pants.” (facebook)

“Deva Bratt go a Gaza go turn fish it look like, mi tink a did mi alone seeit seh him have on a purse inna di video, bun out dat.” (twitter)

So there you have it what dancehall fans are saying about the suppose Purse Deva Bratt was wearing in the music video.

See the full video below

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