Update: Bounty Killer Owes JM$8 Million In Unpaid Taxes… Two Vehicle Seized

Yesterday we reported to you that Jamaican tax authority IRD seized vehicle allegedly belonging to dancehall deejay Bounty Killer whose real name is Rodney Pryce.

An inside source at the Inland Revenue Department told Urban Islandz that the deejay is in arrears of some JM8 Million in unpaid taxes over several years.

When we contacted Bounty camp on the matter, a source close to the deejay told us that the artist did pay some taxes, but the tax department assessed him for much more than he believe he should pay.

The source at the IRD told us that the tax department have a list of high profile entertainers and business professionals who are tax delinquent that they will be going after. The list contain at least 50 high profile persons.

Urban Islandz learned today that in addition to the artist Range Rover Sport, his luxury Toyota Land Cruiser was also taken by the tax man.

Last month it was dancehall deejay Elephant Man, who the tax department targeted and from what our sources are telling us, there are more to come.