Meet Three More Pulse Model Search Contestants

The 2010 Pulse Caribbean Model Search is now well underway for one of the biggest aspiring model showdown yet. This year’s search will feature more than the usual new model hopefuls, adding major celebrities, international supermodels and superstar performers. Meet three more of the contestant vying for the title.

Rishelle Giscombe

Sponsor: Ree Ree’s Music World

Age: 17

Height: 5′ 8″

Hometown: Kingston

This recent Mona High School graduate is now ready to take the fashion industry by storm. The quintessential fashionista, Rishelle is also good at accounts and hopes to pursue further studies and perhaps a career in the field.

At the moment, however, she has her eye on the prize when it comes to the Pulse Caribbean Model Search.

She says she feels like she is “going to come out on top” and that being chosen has helped her to feel good about herself and to better communicate with people.

Sashane Clarke

Sponsor: Tool World

Age: 17

Height: 5’5″

This Westmoreland native is currently a student at the Montego Bay Community College where she is taking courses in nursing and hotel management. She is also taking the Pulse certified ‘Model Boot Camp’ crash course in the hope that she will be one of the new stars of the Caribbean modelling industry. She is not daunted by the competition, instead she lives in the moment, saying that the search is “fantastic … and a great experience! I’m enjoying every minute of it and when it is over, I’m going to miss it a lot”. Sashane is one contestant who enjoys the rigours of her model training because, as she says, “I am learning so much.”

Bavaria Bond

Sponsor: B2 Transport


Height: 5’9″

Hometown: Dehnam Town

Bavaria is a business-minded mogul of the beauty industry in training. She aspires to own her own salon and cosmetic store in the near future but, to date, cites earning a place in the competition as her greatest achievement. When she is not planning her career, Bavaria enjoys playing netball and surfing the Internet. The model search has been for her a learning experience. She says that she has gained much from it and continues to grow.