Foxy Brown: ‘I am the only Trini chick that can kick yard sh##’

First it was Lil Kim and now it seems trouble is brewing between Trinidad-American rappers Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown, but this time its over who can rock Jamaican dancehall better.

“I am the only Trini chick that can kick yard sh–,” Foxy said at her recent B.B King shows.

Foxy Brown insists there were no shots fired at Nicki Minaj. The Brooklyn veteran disputes claims she was dissing the Young Money MC during a recent show at Manhattan’s B.B. King Blues Club & Grill. Brown says that, in fact, she thinks Minaj has been doing an exemplary job at navigating the music industry.

“What’s funny, I actually applaud Nicki for it,” said Foxy, who was accompanied by her manager earlier this week during a visit to the MTV News studio. “I think she’s doing an incredible job of branding herself. When you’re a boss bi–h, you give it up. Send her a Chanel bag or something,” she laughed. “If you’re winning, you’re wining. That’s just how I see it.”

When Foxy was asked whether she shared the same line of thinking as Lil’ Kim, who believes that a rising female MC like Minaj should pay homage, Brown insisted, “I’m not caught up in that at all … I’m not even in that category. I’m still one of the youngest female rappers in the game. [Other female rappers] may feel like that because they’re older, but I myself am still young. I don’t feel that. I applaud what she’s doing.

As for Foxy’s comments at her B.B. King’s show over the weekend, Brown addressed her female rap counterparts mixing hip-hop and dancehall saying, “I’m the only rap bi–h in the game that f— with all hip-hop, all dancehall, and I’m the only bi–h that can do that for real”

Brown told us that yes, she was referring to Nicki’s Caribbean accent on the remix of Gyptian’s “Hold You,” but no, she wasn’t throwing jabs.

“Cause everyone thought it was me on that dancehall record,” Foxy explained. “It’s something I created. That’s something that had never been done before — hip-hop and dancehall together — until I did it. I didn’t do it just to sell records. I didn’t do it as a ploy or gimmick. My parents are from Trinidad. I’m Trinidadian. I’m West Indian. That is the music I grew up on. To incorporate that with hip-hop was the biggest thing ever.

“My ex-fiancé is Spragga Benz; [he] had the most amazing dancehall hook and we went crazy on it. I think anybody that does that after, [people will be like, ‘Is that Fox?’] Then the little ad-libs [Nicki does on the song], ‘whoa, whoa,’ that’s my trademark. People will start to question that and say, ‘Was that Foxy?’ But what I said onstage is what is said. I back up and stand behind everything I say two million percent.