Capleton was in fine form at BB King Club and Grill in New York last weekend despite a massive protest from gay rights group to axe him off the show.

The protest comes only days after gays protest against Queen Ifrica causing the promoter of a show in New York to take her off the roster.

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The Jamaica Anti-Homophobia Stand (JAHS) issued a statement condemning Capleton’s performance.

“The protest calls for the cancellation and condemns the promotion of and profiting from anti-gay hateful music here in NYC where LGBT lives and rights are valued.”

“Jamaican reggae performer Capleton is known for his songs that call for LGBT people to be killed and makes comments from the stage calling for LGBT people to be killed. Capleton signed the Reggae Compasionate Act agreement (an agreement to not promote hatred and violence) in the middle of 2007 and broke the agreement on 12/24/07.”

But despite the protest Capleton did performed and was well received by the crowd.

  • web

    I think it’s unfair that they protest because of his views against gays everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how harsh it is. The LGBT don’t see straight religious people protesting their events or engagements. I’d they don’t like him don’t go to his shows don’t spoil it for the rest of us who barley get to see kid Jamaican artist peform.

  • tenchu

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  • Nickdigreat

    Finally a promoter got the courage. Big up yuself. Just ignore them and do your work.

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