(Verse 1)
Mobay wi KO like disappear
Wi deh far but mi links dem deh near
Rev up the mack like a Honda
Meck it crash up inna yo big head
Listen no true mi mommy grow mi so humble
Is not a fun mi no pull out a gun
Mi tek soul like mi give fi keep
Shot dem off like one floss a rum

Glendevon, rise di put ti to dem
Circle dem endz an put hi to dem
Gaza, Sparta, Tommy Lee soul is apart a
So mi a gwaan put hi to dem

Wa dem a try? No meck mi feel so
Gaza mi seh, no meck mi feel so
World Boss a mi daddy an mi mean so
Some pu**y better hop off a mi ego

Cant believe what mi eyes are seeing
Everybody waan some like Tommy Lee
Mi a the real Sparta King
Dem a knock off, fake marina

No meck mi feel so
Wa the whole a dem a do?
No meck mi feel so
Some pu**y better hop off a mi ego

Mi no knock off Clark’s
Mi no flakes like corn
No meck mi feel so
Man straight from mi born

(Verse 2)
Girl a rus, dem a Sparta yo no cuss
Rifle mi girlfriend buss
Monique black pudoddo wet him up like seh
Him get everything inna him gut
Nuff a dem a pu**y like under every gyal inna the world
That’s why nuff a dem head buss

Westmorland, Desry naw give up
Two Pack dodo dem a cut
The tugs dem no too talkative
Hallow point just deh point at him
When Symon big gun deh buss
Dem seh crime scene sick stomach

(Repeat Chorus)