Dancehall Legend Diana King Reveals They Removed Their Breast

Diana King: "I felt like I was born again, yeap. No regrets. I absolutely love it"

Diana King
Diana King

Jamaican-American legend Diana King has revealed that they’ve taken the important decision to remove their breasts in an update shared with fans on Saturday on IG.

In a video shared on their social media platform, the “Shy Guy” singer revealed that they are reveling in their decision taken months ago to remove their breasts. According to the artiste, they have no regrets as they shared the post-surgical scar and their flat chest.

“Hi, it’s King, when I woke up from surgery almost 5 years ago, I knew immediately that this was one thing I would never regret, like having my first child – never regret, being authentic – never regret,” they said. “I felt like I was born again, yeap. No regrets. I absolutely love it, oh my god, Wow.”

In the video, they are seen lifting the front of their hoodie shirt as they reveal the scar, which has now healed. The artiste smiles as they motion that they have zero regrets about the decision.

The surgery that King has is called a “top surgery,” which is common among trans men. Although it has the resemblance to a mastectomy that women with cancer have, ‘top surgery’ is mainly done by women who identify as transmen.

According to Allure, many persons who identify as transmen opt to get top surgery because of gender dysphoria. Top surgery, however, focuses more on the aesthetic goals of achieving a flat chest similar to men’s. Top surgery also differs from a mastectomy in that the nipple and areola and their nerve structures are not destroyed so that the outcome can be a normal flat chest.

Diana King, who goes by They/Them pronouns, came out as gay in 2012. They are the first Jamaican artists of international acclaim to share that they were a lesbian.

“I answer now, not because it’s anyone’s business but because it feels right with my soul and I believe by not answering or hiding it all these years somehow makes it appear as if I am ashamed of it or that I believe it is wrong,” they said at the time.

The singer’s talent and personality have endeared them to millions of fans who love them despite their sexuality and gender identity. In 2018, King reveals they got married to longtime girlfriend Mijanne Webster, as they shared photos of their weddings rings.

Diana King is best known for their singles “Stir It Up” (1994), “Shy Guy” (1995), “Ain’t Nobody” (1995), “I Say A Little Prayer” (1997), and “L-L-Lies” (1997). Their single “Shy Guy” was featured on several movie soundtracks, including Cool Runnings and Bad Boys. The tracks “Ain’t Nobody” and “Shy Guy” were released on the singer’s debut album, Tougher Than Love, while “I Say A Little Prayer” and “L-L-Lies” were released on their sophomore album, Think Like a Girl, released in 1995.

“Shy Guy” received a Billboard Music Awards nomination in 1995 and peaked at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart that year. The song has since been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America, RIAA.