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YNW Melly Smile Tells Family ‘I’m Coming Home” In Pre-Trial Court Hearing

YNW Melly assures his family and supporters that he is coming home ahead of second double murder trial

YNW Melly in court 2023

YNW Melly had a positive disposition as he appeared in court on Friday for a hearing concerning his second double murder trial.

The rapper appeared in prison garb, an orange jumper with his hands and feet in chains, but he smiled widely after seeing his mother and other siblings and even had some reassuring words for them. According to Law & Crime’s attorney covering the trial, Terri Austin, the rapper’s appearance was over several motions tabled by his attorneys in relation to admissible testimony for the retrial and a motion to postpone the trial, which was set on October 2nd.

His lawyer, Stuart Adelstein’s motion for the trial to be held on October 9 rather than October 2 was granted by Judge Murphy after assuring him that the time was within the 90 days following the mistrial.

It also appears that defense attorney Jamie Benjamin from the law firm Benjamin, Aaronson, Edinger & Patanzo is joining the defense team, while Attorney David Howard will not be a part of the retrial, which Austin added that the rapper is losing a “powerful advocate.”

Howard was successful in getting the judge to throw out several pieces of evidence that were more prejudicial than probative against YNW Melly, and arguably, the whittled-down evidence resulted in no direct evidence linking Melly to the murder, which might have made the jury’s decision even tougher to arrive at.

As for the proceedings, the Defense asked that Detective Moretti be re-deposed. Judge John Murphy said he would review the prior transcript and take the matter under advisement.

A moment from within the courtroom has also gone viral as Melly beamed at his family and shared a positive attitude that he will be going home soon.

Before leaving the courtroom, the rapper looks over at the gallery and smiles at his family before mouthing the words, “I’m coming home.”