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Pregnant Rihanna Poses In Lingerie Reignites Keke Palmer Usher Debate

Some fans think there is a double standard between Rihanna posing in lingerie while pregnant and Keke Palmer's outfit while being serenaded by Usher

Rihanna / Savage X Fenty

Rihanna is happily enjoying her pregnancy on her terms, and she is not fitting into anyone’s mold for what mothers and pregnant women should be or do. However, some messy critics are drawing the pop princess into the recent drama between Keke Palmer and her baby daddy Darius Jackson.

On Tuesday, Rihanna, who is presently in her third trimester, posed in sexy lingerie to announce the release of her new sheer line of lingerie for Savage X Fenty. This led to fans comparing the compliments Rihanna is getting versus the dragging Keke Palmer received after wearing a sheet dress with a one-piece lingerie underneath.

Rihanna’s post on Monday saw her sporting a pair of red underwear and a bra with pink high heels in front of racks featuring dozens of spools of colorful fabrics.

“New fav’s….sheer x group dropping rn!” she wrote in the caption. “Head over to savageX.com,” she captioned the seductive photo where she is seen biting a finger in her mouth.

Fans of the artist raved at what appears to be a new tattoo on the left side booty cheek, while others also celebrated her for being comfortable in her skin while pregnant.

Others also brought up the criticisms that Keke faced from her baby daddy.

“Imagine A$AP like “you a mom!!” one fan commented.

Another added, “and bet not NOBODY say nothin about her being a mom.” Another said, “You never see ASAP out here shaming RhiRhi he’s proud of his LITERAL WIFE!”

“Haters will say ‘she’s a mom,'” another said while one added, “Keke baby daddy would be pissed.”

The photo appears to be from months ago since Rihanna’s stomach is a lot bigger now.

Speaking about her line, the Fenty Beauty billionaire previously told ELLE that Sheer X is her next project for the link, and she wants her fans and consumers to be “supportive and sexy.”

In the meantime, Rihanna has not addressed comments about her body and choice of wear. Since her first pregnancy, the singer has faced unsolicited advice and criticism from fans who disapproved of her decision to bare her belly during her outfits.

The singer previously spoke about getting accustomed to the changes in her body and being comfortable, which is one reason for her deciding not to always cover her belly.

In any case, the recent issue between Keke Palmer and her baby daddy has sparked major debate after he appeared to shame her for her choice of wear while attending Usher’s Las Vegas residency, where the R&B artist serenaded her.

Keke Palmer seems to revel in the attention she was receiving from the artist, and the video of her went viral with Jackson frowning at her. “It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom,” he tweeted.

Jackson did not care for the avalanche of criticism that was sent his way and instead stuck to his position.

“We live in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t want the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others & he gets told how much of a hater he is,” he wrote. “This is my family & my representation. I have standards & morals to what I believe. I rest my case.”

It seems that the pair may have broken up after the incident, or they might have been broken up before his tweets.