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Here’s How Boosie Badazz Disciplines His Children For Throwing Water In His House

Boosie Badazz shares how he disciplined his children after they soaked his house with water.

Children can be overbearing, especially during this COVID 19 pandemic, and Boosie Badazz has had enough! The rapper took to Instagram on Thursday, June 17, to tell his friends and family that they can finally come over to his house, with a promise that “there will be no water throwing on you by my kids.”

The Baton Rouge rapper recorded his method of punishment after his children were apparently playing water pranks on his visitors. The video shows three of his children walking the perimeter of his beautiful lawns as he updated the public on what was really going down.

“I wanna let everybody know, all my family, my cousins, y’all can come stay at my house bruh ain’t gon be no more water throwing on you by my kids,” Boosie Badazz said. “I know they been outta control but I’m bruisin them today. You see em? They walking the fence line. You see em? They walking the fence line. 5 hours straight in the hot sun.”

The rapper continued, “Yes sir. They cleaning up the house, all day. They gon learn this lesson. There will be no more water throwing in my estate. They soaking everybody up every night. I want Big Freaky, everybody y’all can come back. It’s going down….They got 4 more hours to walk the gates. Yes sir.”

While Lil Boosie appeared quite serious in the video, social media users in the comments were cracking up at his unusual way of punishing his children.

“He really need a reality show at this point,” one person jeered. Another added, “Boy I have tears coming out my eyes. He got them out in that damn heat.”

Apparently, Boosie Badazz kept his word, as some hours later, he updated the public in another video.

“Three and a half hours, about three hours, I let em come in, I made em put their foot in the pool, I made them take a bath. They finna be calling me to a video shoot now,” he said. Apparently, the punishment was not quite over, as the rapper disclosed that the kids would be working with him on his video shoot, doing pushups on command, and holding the camera.

“I got a video shoot, they finna work at the video shoot,” he informed. Boosie maintained that his kids need discipline because apparently, they are “tearing his sh*t up.”

“I work too hard bro. My kids they tearing my sh*t up bro. They outta control,” he said. “I gotta stand up today, I gotta stand up as a daddy today. They might start thinking I’m a motherf**king friend.”

The 38-year-old rapper, born Torrence Ivy Hatch, has eight children with six women.