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50 Cent Burglary Suspects Arrested For Stealing $3 Million In Jewelry & Cash

Police have arrested three suspects six months after a corporate apartment leased by 50 Cent was robbed. The thieves made off with $3 million in jewelry and cash.

The burglary, which happened in January 2021, had first been reported as a home invasion, but soon details emerged that revealed it was actually a corporate apartment for one of 50 Cent’s businesses.

TMZ reported that the suspects had been arrested after obtaining a report from the Bergen County, New Jersey prosecutor’s office. According to the report, a stolen car led to the arrest of the three suspects. Authorities were first alerted to the crime by a resident of the building back in January, not long after the Cliffside Park PD recovered a stolen vehicle in that area.

Using that lead, they reviewed surveillance footage and were eventually able to link the car to the burglary. The investigation surrounding the suspects took five months before any arrests could be made. The suspects have been listed as Travis Villalobos, 31, of West New York; Richard Murphy, 31, of Jersey City; and Matthew Gale, 40, of East Rutherford. All three have been charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, receiving stolen property, and criminal mischief.

“At the time the suspects were in the unit, police drove by but did not realize the individuals were still inside. The entire matter was caught on surveillance cameras,” 50 Cent’s attorney also told TMZ.

The recent Houston transplant said that he is still hopeful and that he will get back his $3 million in cash and jewelry that went missing as well. Even though he remains optimistic about how it turns out, it seems his focus is on other things like his television-producing career.

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