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Aidonia Assembles All Female Dancers In “Hey Girl” Video

Aidonia had a all female gang of dancers in his new video “Hey Girl.”

Aidonia is adored by the ladies and can do no wrong when it comes to a sultry banger. The 4th Genna honcho proves that he never falls off or fails his fan base, even as we reluctantly adjust to socially distant settings. The video for his latest song, “Hey Girl,” is a showcase of vibes and superior techniques that will get the girls winning and following instructions wherever they are. Featuring a host of dancers from Jamaica and overseas, Aidonia takes himself out of the picture to celebrate the “clean body, tan good” girls.

The “Bruki” deejay brings back some of that signature festive flow for the track, and the cheeky appeal is obvious. Teasing his way into playlists and quarantined quarters, Didi tells the ladies exactly what they want to hear during these dry, distressing times. “Bareback mi nah wear shoes/ yuh body so clean so mi nah play loose/ Gyal body tan good, pretty face, stiff b***s/ Money pon yuh body, ye yuh heels dem ah Loubs/ Nuh f*** like dog, yuh nuh favah nuh moose/ Nuh tinkin’ breath, yuh nah nuh rotten tooth/ When mi touch yuh gyal, yuh body smooth an yuh rude,” he spits.

The Genna did his best to make the visuals an inclusive, celebratory spotlight on females of all shapes and sizes. From the fit European dance crew to the flexible fatty, the visuals playfully outline who Aidonia is hyping up and their finer qualities—”nuh inna nuh make up yuh nuh favah duppy/ Pretty dan di queen ah Englan pon di money/ Gyal ah love di way yuh wine on my b****.” Clocking 50K views in 6 hours isn’t too shabby either, as if Aidonia needed any more proof that he’s too major to go MIA on dancehall’s avid fans. The KLIKFOTOS visuals capture the energy and anticipation of those longing for a good night out, focusing attention on the ladies as only the 4th Genna could.

Watch Aidonia’s “Hey Girl” video below.