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Vybz Kartel Showcases Lyrical Prowess In “Tony Montanna” Gangsta Anthem

Vybz Kartel showcases grits and lyrical prowess in this new dancehall gangsta anthem, “Tony Montanna.”

The year 1983 saw the release of quite a number of epic movies but none as epic as “Scarface.” The movie is still one of the most talked-about crime dramas to date, and it all has to do with one character, Tony Montana. The character is undoubtedly gritty, crude and has a taste for blood, especially when he is protecting what he believes is rightfully his. Jamaica’s very own lyrical gangster, Vybz Kartel, regularly references Tony in his tracks, but this time, he decided to go all-in and dedicate an entire track to the character played by Al Pacino. To avoid any legal issues, Vybz Kartel adds an additional ‘n’ to the last name and titles the track “Tony Montanna.”

Tony would be proud of the track, as Kartel fires rounds after rounds of lyrical bullets. The best form of defense is always a strong attack, and that’s exactly what Kartel chants in this track, as he levels with listeners about all he has ready to end any would-be intruder. He actually gets pretty detailed, telling exactly what happens at the gates and if the person is lucky enough to reach the doorknob.

Possibly the only disappointment of the track is that Kartel doesn’t shout, “Say Hello To My Little Friend.” There may be a good reason for it as he may just be avoiding legal issues, as that would see him needing clearance from the groups that handle Scarface’s affairs. Nonetheless, the track has been doing great, coming in at number 2 on the Jamaican Youtube Trending List with 249,829 views so far. The production credits go to T100 Records with Redboom Supamix getting the nod for the overall mixing of the track.

At this point, the conclusion for many Gaza fans is that Kartel has no comparison, and it is now a case of “The Teacha… Trying to Compete with himself,” as mentioned by one fan.