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Chief Keef’s Viral Moment This Holiday Was Because Of A$AP Rocky

Chief Keef went viral just before the Christmas holiday because a fan mistook him for A$AP Rocky.

Cases of mistaken rapper identity are rare but not uncommon. Last weekend at Rolling Loud, a die-hard A$AP Rocky fan went out of her way to get her idol to recognize her, not knowing she was actually approaching Chief Keef. The incident was captured by an onlooker’s phone and immediately went viral. At the event, Chief Keef was among the performers, but A$AP Rocky was the headliner. Undoubtedly the trigger of the confusion. Keef was also walking away hooded up, so a quick facial recognition might’ve been challenging. We can hear a girl yelling “A$AP” at Chief Keef, right before the camera spins around, and she appears to be reaching out for a hug.

“A$AP Rocky, please! Hi! Hi! So good to see you,” she yells again. Chief is heard yelling back, “So good to see you,” from afar. She goes ahead to ask for a handshake. “Can I shake your hand? Please, dude! A$AP, please?”

As the 24-year-old Chicago rapper walked away with his entourage, she gets disappointed and sighs, “God damn” before blowing a kiss to the person recording the video. The video abruptly ends without us figuring out whether she was notified that this was not A$AP Rocky.

This is not uncommon in hip hop as artistes are often mistaken by fans who are not very familiar with them. In this case, this fan was adamant that she just ran into A$AP Rocky, but she was so wrong. Some people find Chief Keef, A$AP Rocky, and Travis Scott to be similar. Incidences, when either of the rappers were identified with the other, are on record. Back in 2017, Travis Scott was mistaken for Keef by a group of young, exuberant fans at a tour stop in Johannesburg, South Africa. At around this time, Travis was riding on a wave of monumental music success, so the mixup was quite unexpected. This only means that the Keef-A$AP-Scott mixup is not an isolated incident.

The incident starts at 27:40.