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Tommy Lee Sparta Drops Reflective New Single “Tomorrow’s A Better Day”

Tommy Lee Sparta

We’re beginning to think Tommy Lee Sparta shares his temple with alter ego Uncle Demon. The dancehall artiste slips comfortably into either personality at any time he deems convenient. In his latest release, Tommy Lee is definitely not giving us gangster vibes, unlike some of his previous releases.

“Tomorrow’s A Better Day” is an uplifting track with a smooth flow that is neatly placed over a reggae-type dancehall beat. The smooth backup vocals, in conjunction with the deejay’s main vocals, make for a harmonious trip that is soothing to the ears.

“Sittin on the corner watching the sun go down / I’m missing the place I’m from / Mi roll up a spliff, open mi bakkle a rum and tip a shot fi a friend wah gone / I know like a shining star I glow / I’m gonna light up this whole world / Don’t worry mama Ima make you proud / So mama don’t cry / Keep your head high / Dry those tears out of your eye / Tomorrow’s a better day / I’m on my way,” Sparta deejay.

This Upsetta Records production is by far one of the best tracks I’ve heard from Tommy Lee Sparta in a while. It’s relatable, it’s positive, and the catchy hook is family-friendly. The dancehall deejay also gives a candid account of his upbringing, reflecting on the days he used to “sneak out,” when his mother would try to instill in him values from the bible and when he was often told he would die young.

This revelation though usually disappointing, somehow only came off as admirable for the candidness. I, for one, have huge respect for the honesty in this track, and fans in the comments agree. “Who else agree this go be the next biggest song for 2019,” one user asked. Another commented, “This another hit..Tommy lee need fi just do more of these songs..the demon ting cool but dem no shot like this.”

Within an hour of its release, the official audio on Youtube had surpassed 10,000 views, and it’s expected to skyrocket within the next 24-hours. Listen to “Tomorrow’s A Better Day” now. This is a vibe.