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Lil Tjay Previews Some New Music Off His Upcoming Album Sounds Fire

Lil Tjay got bars and DJ Akademiks is putting them on display.

The New Jersey DJ recently posted a video on his Social Media pages showing the young Bronx rapper spitting a barrage of lyrics. It seems the Jamaican born DJ could not get enough of the 1-minute freestyle, seemingly nodding his head in agreement to every line the “Resume” rapper dropped.

Akademiks is known for voicing his opinions on the latest happenings in the realm of hip hop and R&B. He has also helped to bring a lot of young talent to the forefront of mainstream hip hop, most notably incarcerated rapper Tekashi69.

With so many new cats coming into the rap game it is sometimes hard to keep track of who is who, so here is a little rundown the “Leaked” rapper. Tione Merritt better known as Lil Tjay was born in 2001 and is one of the youngest rappers in the game. He started making music back in 2017 when he released, “Resume” and “Brothers” on the popular streaming platform SoundCloud. The 18 year has quite a few collaborations under his belt, with some a few being from major hiphop stars such as, French Montana and “Thotiana” rapper, Blueface. He is currently signed to Columbia Records, and from the video posted by Akademiks, it’s clear to see why.

As that ominous trap beat bounces in the background, you can hear the high pitched voice of Lil Tjay. “Running your mouth, outta my head, I just run in your house, you could be dead before the suns even out,” Lil Tjay raps while gesticulating to the Jamaican born DJ. The caption from Akademiks seems confirms that this freestyle may to be something new that the rapper is looking to release is short order.

Even though a few comments have praised the young rapper, the majority of the comments are geared towards DJ Akademiks. The comments are peppered with persons shooting shots at Akademiks for the way he nods his head and the way he stares at the young rapper. One commenter even went as far as to say, “He looking at Tjay like he’s a damn Big Mac.”

Another questioned Akademiks credibility; “You 1000000% getting paid for these posts first you was on 69 meat now it’s tjay turn.”

There were a few positive comments geared to towards the bars being dropped by Tjay, “OHHHHHH SHIT AN ANOTHER BANGERRRRR.”

It seems Lil Tjay may be one to keep an eye out for. He can be added to the list of young rappers set on doing big things; making music their way out of the gritty streets.